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Discussion in 'Mobile Free Browsing Codes And Tips' started by sir-myke, Jan 14, 2017.

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    Am here again . no need to talk shit lets go straight to the point . i release the first version of my source code OLX like website some people thought it was a script from the 80ths because of the template well now it took me almost a year please to write about this one .
    You can also Complete OLX LIKE website and App to your test it already has rich features and Web version. With My Marketplace users can sell / buy different products. Messages and comments system allows users to conduct discussions in real time. Full-featured, responsive website version will allow users of other operating systems (example: Windows Mobile, iOS, PC) using your resource.

    Application and Website Features:

    • Profile Photo/Cover
    • Profile Information
    • Items Nearby
    • Search items
    • Blocked List
    • Comments and Comments Replies
    • Direct Messages with images/photos (Real time)
    • Submitting tickets to support from application
    • Abuse reports to items and users
    • Facebook login|sign up|connect|disconnect
    • Support Emoji in Comments and Messages
    • Push notifications
    • Personalize your notifications
    • AdMob banner
    • Multilanguage website
    • Responsive Website and Admin-Panel
    • And much more …
    Admin panel Features:

    • Statistics
    • Messages Stream (View and Delete)
    • Comments Stream (View and Delete)
    • Categories (Edit, Delete and Add)
    • Items Stream (View and Delete)
    • View abuse reports to items and users
    • Support section
    • Edit user profile
    • Block|unblock user profile
    • On/Off AdMob banner for all users or for an individual user
    • View recently sent messages (GCM)
    • Send push notifications (GCM) to all users or for an individual user
    Additional Feature Added

    • You can be a moderator or a middle man in the Transaction.
    • Users can purchase coupon to make the their Product sell faster
    • You can make free users and paid users.
    • You can make product to be see by only users
    • You can customize the website and Android App
    • the Android App is based on Android Studio
    • etc
    The website Image below and also the Android App. example but some Areas of the App may crash like posting a new Product, settings, message, favourite etc because i removed Login Process which stores the user information to skip to the Main Menu.


    Have been working on the App in offline mode which means i havent purchase a Domain or website to use to demonstrate the process.
    The Android wont show any content because its not connected to a real time server.

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    sir-myke GL Legend

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    Have already uploaded the App , you can download and test the app

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