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    Let me start by saying that investing in Onecoin is not a get-quick-rich investment, so it is not a short term investment but a medium term investment say 2 to 5 years. Like bitcoin made many multi-dollar millionaires in 2013, Onecoin is already making many millionaires and many even more multi-millionaires from 2018. However, you have to be an early bird to benefit from this.

    BITC01N is the pioneer of all digital currencies that exists today, it was introduced in 2008. When it was introduced in 2008, many people in the investment sphere rejected and ignored it. But the whole world was jolted in 2013 when BITC01N which was 10 cents in value went to over $1,200 each!

    A Norwegian man who bought a BITC01N worth $27 sold it for over $850,000! So many millionaires were made. This is not to say that opportunities provided by digital moneys provide quick wealth, not at all, it would take a little while but surely to your goal provided you make the effort.
    ONECOIN actually is the best digital money one can think of in 2016/2017 till 2020, and here is why…
    Prior to the launch of Onecoin, its creators had a unique opportunity to thoroughly analyze almost 5 year experience of Bitcoin development and gave a careful consideration to all its deficiencies. This helped to eliminate the probability of such mistakes occurring in future and getting started on the solid base.

    Why you should invest in Onecoin immediately:
    The developer of Onecoin have the ambition to make Onecoin the foremost digital currency by building a global payment system where all transactions will be legal, predictable, open and transparent, this is lacking in every other digital money available today. Here are the unique features of Onecoin:

    -Mandatory KYC. Everyone Onecoin account is mandatorily verified (the account owner provides scan-copy of ID card and confirms his/her residential address). Therefore, this eliminates the possibility of anonymous transactions and will finally lead to predictable legalization of Onecoin in all countries (including USA, which has very strict laws in this sphere). However, all transactions with Bitcoins are anonymous. For this reason, bitcoin is prohibited in some countries.

    -The theft or loss of coins is impossible as Onecoin has a closed system unlike bitcoin where the system is completely open.

    -Onecoin was launched in September 2014 at €0.10. As at 25th November the price was €7.85 and still has significant upside. The price has been projected to get to about €15 by January 2018 and perhaps trade closer to the price of bitcoin after it has been listed on the exchange by 2020 (at this point, price will be purely market driven and onecoin would likely exchange at a much higher price by then). Bitcoin is already selling at $1190 (i.e. 1 bitcoin = $1190) and upside price is limited.

    -Presence of independent blockchain audit. There is no blockchain audit for bitcoin.

    Based on these reasons mentioned above, I opine that this digital currency would certainly be stronger than the bitcoin as well as exchange at a much higher rate.

    How do I make money from Onecoin?
    There are two ways to make money from onecoin, namely:

    a.As an investor – You buy the coin and wait for capital appreciation (current price is 9.85 euros). The price of One coin is projected to get to over 12 euros by the end of 2017 and even much more after it has been listed on the exchange.

    b.As an investor and a promoter - I have already explained how the investor will make money. Now as a promoter, you will be rewarded for promoting the digital money between now and the time it is listed on the exchange in Q2 2018, through a very profitable bonus system.

    What is OneCoin?
    A] Onecoin is a digital money-currency like bitcoin. You can also call it digital money for transactions. Just the way you use paper money. But Digital money-currency is better.

    Q] How do I invest in onecoin?
    A] You buy packages that you can afford to get tokens which are used to mine Onecoin. The higher the package you buy the more tokens you receive

    Q] How do I pay to get the package?A] You can pay for packages through bank wire transfer, perfect money or gift codes from older members

    Q] What do I do with the tokens when I buy them.?A] You wait for your tokens to split, that is double before you mine them

    Q] Will the split take place immediately after buying the tokens?A] It depends on when your package is bought. It is usually some days interval. There is a split barometer that reads on the site, when its filled, split occurs. It could take days split barometer indicates when a split will occur. When it hits 100% there is split. Your initial tokens will double after split

    Q] How do I go about the mining after getting a split?A] From Menu You Go To Exchange Then Choose The BLUE BOX MINING then you will see a space where to SUBMIT the number of tokens you have then CLICK SUBMIT and answer YES. The process of mining is as simple as that.

    Q] When I submit my token for mining how long does it take for me to get the coins?A] It takes about 5 days to return as coins.

    Q] Hope this is the last process?A] Yes. That is the last process to have your coins but to prevent premature selling of coins they are escrow for about 60 days. Thereafter they become free coins
    Q] What is the advantage of waiting for a split?A] To double your tokens, So that you have more coins

    Q] I forgot to ask how many token makes a coin after mining?A] There is what is called difficulty level in Onecoin.

    Q] What is difficulty level?A] It is the number of tokens require to mine a coin. At present it is 79 it increases from time to time
    The more difficult level increases the more value the coins get

    Q] What is the current value of the coin?A] €9.85

    Q] Hope the price of coin do appreciate over time?A] Sure by December 2017 we expect the value to be €10 to €15 or more

    Q] How do I sell my coins after processing it?A] You can sell your coins inside our internal exchange, later this year you can use your coins to buy tangible products from merchants who will accept the coins. However, I wish to emphasize that onecoin is not easily tradable at the moment as the system is still closed. It would be easily trade by Q2 2018 after listing on the exchange.

    Q] Lastly, do I gain anything when I introduce this opportunity to a friend?A] Yes. You can make weekly bonuses if you decide to share the opportunity with others. But this is not a requirement. You choose either to be pure investor or you want to share.

    You could mail me on if you require more information

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