Pictures you will relate to if you've ever been an Industrial Training (IT) student

Discussion in 'Breaking News Nigeria' started by djayz1, Feb 20, 2017.

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    If you schooled in Nigeria and you were once an Industrial Training (IT) student, you will relate to this;

    1. When you're told you will be going for IT

    Oboy!! My village witches real dad mehn, see 6 months/1 year of pepper dem gang sontin

    2. Your face when companies tell you they don't need IT students

    Ah, is the devil calling my name and destiny with a stainless basin filled with water?

    3. When you finally get an IT place

    Awon boys and gyals, plix position

    4. You when you're told you will be paid vs. you won't be paid

    This life sha!!

    5. How you see other IT students when you resume

    Who knows where this one is from? Probably a satellite university, Nansense and Lobbish.

    6. You trying to impress your boss on your first day at work

    Hian, I cannot come all the way from Aba, to come and carry last for my foremothers and ancestors.

    7. There's always an "I Too Know" IT student

    Abeg o, no vex, but are you paid to specially disgrace your family in public?

    8. How you see IT lovebirds

    So your parents sent you "to come and do" IT, and you're here rewriting Songs of Solomon

    9. There's always a staff who doesn't seem to like you

    Is this why you're created?

    10. When you're given all the work to do by a lazy staff

    Please Sir/Madam, don't allow the devil to use you

    11. How you bring your logbook for signing

    Sir/madam sign that thing, the marks go help boys and gyals G.P

    12. When you tell lies to skip work and everyone believes you

    Chai, this is how life should be

    13. When it's finally time to go back to school and you know you're going to miss your IT friends

    Who invented school sef?

    14. How you go back to school if your company paid you vs. if you got nothing

    [IMG] [IMG]

    God will judge all sha!!

    15. You shopping for a suit you will wear for IT defence


    C'mon suit, you berra make your momma proud on me

    16. When the IT defence is finally over

    Can we get back to our normal lives now?

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