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                              OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSTY, ILE-IFE

    From the alternatives suggested, select the answer that best expresses the same meaning as the expression italicized in each exercise

    1.  Don’t take the plate away; it is possible for the owner to ask for it

    (a)  the owner might
    (b)  the owner can
    (c)  the owner is going to
    (d)  the owner will come to
    (e)  none of them

    Answer = A

    2.  I wonder if you would allow me to put out the fire

    (a)  I might
    (b)  I can
    (c)  I should
    (d)  I have to
    (e)  All of them

    Answer = B

    3.  When your great-grandmother was in Vietnam, did she have the ability to speak Chinese?

    (a)  had she been able
    (b)  was she enable
    (c)  could she
    (d)  how possible was it for her
    (e)  None of them

    Answer = C

    4.  I know a carpenter that knows how to make that kind of wardrobe

    (a)  could
    (b)  has the know-how
    (c)  can
    (d)  can be able
    (e)  may be able

    Answer = C

    5.  Frances, where is your male visitor? Don’t lie to me; it is not possible that he has gone through the high windows

    (a)  he couldn’t have
    (b)  he can’t have
    (c)  he shouldn’t
    (d)  he mustn’t have
    (e)  None of them

    Answer = A

    6.  My father made no bones about telling his friend how he felt about his behaviour. This means that my father

    (a)  spoke well to his friend about his behaviour
    (b)  spoke honestly to his friend about his behaviour
    (c)  spoke in the open to his friend about his behaviour
    (d)  spoke hesitantly to his friend about is behaviour
    (e)  spoke with all his might to his friend about his behaviour

    Answer = B

    7.    After much talk, my brother thought it was time to talk to hit the hay. This means that my brother thought it was time to

    (a)  make hay while the sub  shines
    (b)  burn the collection of hay
    (c)  go to bed
    (d)  keep quiet
    (e)  tell the others off

    Answer = C

    8.  The housemaster was foaming in the mouth when he discovered that some students had sneaked out of the hostel. This means the headmaster

    (a)  was very sad
    (b)  had epilepsy
    (c)  became silent and calculative
    (d)  was uncontrollably furious
    (e)  was jittery

    Answer = D

    9.  Who told Mabel she could sing? She really laid an egg at the talent show. This means

    (a)  Mabel’s performance was very embarrassing
    (b)  Mabel’s performance was very interesting
    (c)  Mabel’s performance was very impressive
    (d)  Mabel’s performance was very bad
    (e)  Mabel’s performance was like that of a hen laying egg

    Answer = A.

    10.  Mr. Johnson is on the warpath because his car broke down again. This means that Mr. Johnson is

    (a)  ready to fight his mechanic
    (b)  started fighting the government because the road was bad
    (c)  very infuriated
    (d)  fighting a war with his family in the car
    (e)  drawing  a battle in between him and his mechanic

    Answer = C

    Choose the appropriate option to complete the following

    11.  At the crusade, we prayed to God ……………… on us

    (a)  breath his breathe
    (b)  breathe his breath on us
    (c)  breathe his breathe
    (d)  breath his breath

    Answer = B
    Breathe is a verb, breath is a noun. Be careful not to confuse both with breadth, the opposite of length

    12.  The Chairman, Committee of Deans needs to see your friend Dele urgently, do you know his ………?

    (a)  where and about
    (b)  whereabouts
    (c)  whereabout
    (d)  where and abouts

    Answer = B
    The question is from Pluralia Tantums. Whereabouts must have an s; not whereabout. Other words like whereabouts are: surroundings, holidays, earnings, archives, premises, spirits (meaning: mood) wages, headquarters, ashes, arrears, annals, auspices, odds, riches, remains (dead body), regards, outskirts, banns (announcement of coming marriage) and troops.

    13.  “As from now, this university will have zero tolerance for any form of malpracticeâ€

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    Choose the phrase that best completes each of the following sentences (34-38)

    34.  When John finished reading ……………. of the book, he lost interest

      (a) the three first chapters
      (b) the chapters first three
      (c) the first three chapters
      (d) the three chapters first

    35.  He bought ………………………………

    (a)  an expensive, green, very, American saloon car
    (b)  an expensive, very green, American saloon car
    (c)  a very green, expensive, saloon American car
    (d)  a very expensive, American, green saloon car

    36.  As things are now, I have to look for …………… tire

    (a)  a cheap, second-hand, rubber
    (b)  a cheap, rubber, second-hand
    (c)  a rubber, cheap, second-hand
    (d)  a second-hand, rubber cheap

    37.  Three weeks after …………….. the village had not recovered from the frightening experience

    (a)  another police surprise raid
    (b)  another surprise police raid
    (c)  police surprise another raid
    (d)  another raid police surprise

    38.  Kemi is not ……………… as her brother
    (a)  a such good writer
    (b)  such good writer
    (c)  as good as writer
    (d)  as good a writer


    Standard English refers to the authoritative and correct usage of the language, the medium of expression for government and education. Its opposite is a dialectical variant of the language, that is, accepted and recognized words, expressions and structures peculiar to a smaller group of geographical region. For example, Nigerian, American, Irish and British English differ from one another in many respects and each is identifiable, yet in every case the standard variety approaches a single and hypothetical classification known as international English. As one moves towards informality and away from the observance of strict rules, emphasis falls on the differences between dialects. In addition to American English being distinguishable from British English, it is also true that British English is not uniform within the United Kingdom.
    The level of formality is determined by education and aspiration, while dialects vary from region to region.

    39.  The author refers to Standard English as
    (a)  a dialectical variant of language
    (b)  an authoritative style of usage
    (c)  the orthodox and accurate usage of language
    (d)  the accepted and recognized words, expressions and structures, peculiar to a similar group of language users

    40.  One characteristic of a dialect as mentioned in the passage is
    (a)  informality
    (b)  possession of various forms
    (c)  distinction from British English
    (d)  restricted area of usage

    41.  According to the author, Nigerians American, Irish and British English can be regarded as

    (a)  registers
    (b)  standards
    (c)  styles
    (d)  languages

    42.  According to the passage, the international English is

    (a)  a kind of arbitrary classification
    (b)  an imaginary classification
    (c)  an informal standard
    (d)  a recognized formal standard

    43.  The observance of a strict rule is a feature of

    (a)  formality
    (b)  dialects
    (c)  languages
    (d)  unconventionality

    In questions 44 to 49 choose the option nearest in meaning to the word(s) or phrase(s) in italics

    44.  Ngozi and Ekaete were fast friends when we were in the secondary school
    (a)  friends who run very quickly together
    (b)  friends who go without food for a long time together
    (c)  friends who were not easily separated from each other
    (d)  friends who spend too much time and energy on pleasure and excitement

    45.  My son has just been rusticated from the university.

    (a)  sent home to get his fees
    (b)  sent home for misconduct
    (c)  sent home to rest for some time
    (d)  sent home to become rustic

    46.  The policemen looked at the face of the robber and saw tell-tale signs of a dyed-in-the wool convict

    (a)  hardened
    (b)  remorseless
    (c)  heady
    (d)  hardhearted

    47.  “Marcus bears watchingâ€

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    God bless u i nid chem phy math please

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    I do not have oau chem,phy. but i have for unilag chem,phy.

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    visit to obtain for all schools.thanks

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    When is O.A.U post ume.

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    @femi2 pls i had it on nextwork news that university is going to aspect 180 on thursday nite pls is oau going to aspect? Because i have 193 pls help me@FEMI2

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    pls i need  Post ume past question on physics, chemistry and maths for OAU

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    How can i have above 200 in the oua PUTME dat i did yesterday?

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