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    Take your time and study this write--up carefully ,you won't be disappointed with it's benefits.

    It's an idea that majority of person(s) can effectively employ by themselves.

    Hello friends, my name is FRANK.

    What I want to share here is not rocket science or far-fetch and unsustainable expectations ,but it's for keen observers , understanding and mature minds because it involves WORK, CALCULATIONS ,DISCIPLINE and FOCUS….it's not magic but practical and intelligent way to use already existing information's that almost everyone is aware of..FREE YOURSELF FROM FINANCIAL STRUGGLES,DO SOMETHING REAL AND PRACTICAL.

    I'm here to share with you what i called FOOTBALL STOCK TRADING (using your football knowledge and information's to create approximated CONSTANT- BONDS in football market).

    In actual sense, whether you believe it or not; football or soccer as it might apply to different people, is really an activities with too much-much MONEY involve that is UNLIMITED in it's NATURE, it's a global activities nobody can ignore even you don't like it. estimate shows that only in Nigeria ,average of 2 billion naira is been spent and circulated through bets on every 24 hours which 75% is been spend on football alone(check nearest bet--shops around and do your multiplication ). It's very real and obvious facts. Many of us know what football and bets are all about, but few knew it as a very large, open and UNLIMITED MARKET and exchange medium that guaranteed steady cash inflow that's unbelievable, in sense of monetary providence.

    Turning football into stock-leveraging market will uplift anybody from financial constraints and lack. This arrangement is base on common sense ,it's involves spending time, critical and clinical thinking -;analyzing and putting data together to create ANALYTICAL EDGE in the open market(no sentiments), it's a practical business with timed and reachable expectations.

    The goal every week is to increase any TRADING account capital to minimum or average of 40%. For example lets assume that an account holder is trading with 10,000 naira………..this means that ,the minimum and average profit expectation Is 4,000 naira without surplus and flexible increment , which multiply with 4 in one month-frame will give minimum of 16 ,000 naira without surplus ,which is 160% profit- gained on the initial capital of 10,000 equally it to 26,000 naira on average.

    FOOTBALL is a LIQUID MARKET, if you can factorize it with frequency and index(it's UNSATURATED ) Because of it's nature----it will not be wise and reasonable to disclose any TRADING TOOL AND STRATEGY here because it's a public platform; and every successful business has it's own structural secretes and ideology that mold it into existent .

    This trade involves 2 and maximum of 6 games(events/markets) depends on the prices/odds layout.
    It's an analogy of creating BOND OF NECESSITIES on leveraged activities. This is not an offer but rather a medium of interests that benefits everyone .


    PLEASE; this is not gambling, don't expect to use 1,000 naira to win one million naira, rather it's using 1,000 naira to trade for the minimum profit of 500 naira on guaranteed and steady standpoint ,not magic but practical and transparent activities.


    After extensive analyses of more than 1,000 home matches of leagues with average of 1.55 points on home advantage {HA},leads to discovered, that the only approximated constant variables on football events are WIN--DRAW--LOSE frequency ,you can classify them as organic factors in football events. Either one side wins or both draw, or the other lost, these are organic factors (goals are unsaturated in providing consistent data).

    So with this insight and knowledge, the only reasonable and practical thing to do is to create a trading layout with these constant organic factors ;this leads to the verification's and classifications of matches odds/prices on various options and alternatives---to determine their frequencies and how they flow in the market….since we have three(3) way natural circumstances (outcomes); so to increase our trading advantages, we have to determined and DOUBLE CHANCE our trade options.

    Here are three(3) odds/prices (options)- layouts that surpass every other with the highest approximated constant frequencies and reasonable market values.

    1)HOME OR DRAW (HD)(1X) =85% hit--rate ( main odd divided by 4 )

    2)DNB(draw no bet)=80% hit--rate ( main odd divided by 2.5 )

    3)HOME TEAM WIN EITHER HALF (H 2 W E H) =77% hit--rate ( main odd divided by 2 )

    These are the most effective natural (market) bonds with the highest frequency in any football setting on home side. these layouts are where we created a simple --practical system with analytical advantage (because of information's),that guaranteed an average of 40% steady turn--over on every week timed--frame.

    MONEY MANAGEMENT; This is the factorizing of an account to function and trade according to the values and expectations, it determines balanced-- growth ,and helps in maintaining the clarity and transparency of your trade, without money management any account will be mismanaged.

    This is a DO--IT --YOURSELF open market that anybody can benefit from it, it's based on variations and stability.


    *MMM and other financial networks are proposing and offering a 30%--50% profit--gained on monthly frame….( working with other people by depending on their expectations and interests).

    Why don't you do something more practical that can guaranteed you 150% on monthly frame and average of 40% on weekly basis without stressing or disturbing your current job, do it at your own comfort; OFFICE,HOME ..ANYWHERE

    Please note that, this is a DO--IT--YOURSELF platform, what we do is to share the trade system and the ANALYTICAL knowledge with you, giving you the same events (markets) and system we are using on our own trade.

    IF you want to be part of this trade unit (AND REMEMBER;YOU ARE NOT PAYING TO ANYONE)-----then open an online account with any Bookmaker of your choice that offers good odd/price value, try to make sure all your information's is protected and aligned correctly with your banking details ---it will be advisable to do your own deposit on your own terms without using the service of a third party (agent),for intact safety and authenticity of your account.

    After you are done with the account opening; send to us. your FULL NAMES,YOUR CONTACT PHONE NUMBER,YOUR LOCATION, and any EMAIL address that you want us to have (it's advisable to create new and independent mail box for this, for more clarity on your part because every market of intention will be delivered there), and the name of the BOOKMAKER THAT YOU REGISTERED WITH (because your earning percentages{%} will be calculated using their prices)….

    Trade system changes according to the prices and expectation of every market; each trade comes with its own system and strategy to achieve an expected end result (which simply means PROFIT).

    A SCREENSHOT of your account with deposit is needed to give us more encouragement that you are ready (please we are not ready to abuse this platform) ,so you have to prove to us that you are ready to trade…………

    WE NEED YOU TO CALL AND ASK QUESTIONS. (It's very necessary).

    ALL ACCOUNTS MUST BE ONLINE ACCOUNTS, for ease and effectiveness.


    After every 40% average turn--over in a week ,any surplus that an account incur during the week trade will be split (divided) into two (2) equal parts ;one part for the holder of the account ( which will be added on it's account BANKROLL--INITIAL PURSE SIZE ).And the second part will be send to our team ,for our efforts--it's a simple and sound-- practical business logic.

    After your growth ,you can open up accounts with different BOOKMAKERS, but it's advisable to start with one and grow accordingly …VERY LUCRATIVE AND WIN--WIN BALANCED OPTION.

    For example; let's consider an account holder to be trading with minimum of 10,000 in a week and after the timed expectation were making an extra 8,000 as profit--gained, this means that average 40% return on trade (ROT) ,will be 4,000 and the remaining 4,000 will be split(divided) into two(2) equal parts ;2,000 will be added to initial trading capital to increase it to 12,000 for subsequent week trade, and the other part will be transfer to us (this is how we gain from our efforts):giving the initial account total of 16,000 which is 60% pure(profit) increment with stability and guarantee ………….the minimum percentage(%) calculation of any account is on 10,000 trade rate (tr)

    Consider what you will achieve on your own terms (at your own comfort) with 100,000 (hundred thousand) or I,000,000 (one million) capital base; the outcome is incredible but it's real and practical.


    We know and understand that after financial gains from this ,that we can't stop some people of distributing and sharing the ideas and trade strategies freely, which is abuse of interests, but before you do---- please, remember that people really worked hard for this--- always consider the BOOKMAKERS; they don't like this way of dealing with them but they don't have any alternative, because is an open market.


    email (creative

    mobile (08146420183)

    mobile (07030199632)

    whtspp (09033750467)

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    u have not say anything plx

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    Hello @ lanezer,

    What we are trying to share here is; you doing exactly what we are doing on your own terms and comfort..the thing is, any time we bring out games (markets) for our own trade,the intended markets will be forwarded to your email that you provided us with on how to place them for trade and the average percentages(%) outcome......but for we to gain from our efforts,after guaranteed 40% profit-gain on your account the remaining percent(%) of the week turn-over will be shared into two,you get one part and we get the other's a transparent procedure ( a WIN-WIN ) outcome..there nothing confusing with this,just using common sense to create lucrative cash inflow...we are open for any question......Thanks

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