Pregnant woman stabs husband to death

Discussion in 'News in Nigeria' started by einsteinlord, Nov 18, 2011.

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    A pregnant housewife in Bauchi State has allegedly stabbed her husband, a Lance Corporal in the Nigerian Army to death over adultery.
    Daily Sun gathered that the mistress who was identified as Sarah was also injured by the housewife, a mother of two during the attack.

    The incident happened at the Mammy market of the 33 Artillery Brigade Barracks, Bauchi, throwing the people of the area into mourning.
    Daily Sun correspondent learnt that the couple had been having marital problems culminating in the alleged murder of the husband by the wife.
    Neighbours claimed that the deceased was in the habit of beating his wife as a result of his affairs with Sarah, who runs a beer parlour in the Mammy Market, which led to domestic squabbles.

    “The wife had tolerated him for almost five years that they were married, he used to beat her and said to her ‘I will kill you useless woman’ severally, she had many cuts on her body as a result of the beatings but she wouldn’t leave.â€

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    ..........hmmm,, naija don spoil oh

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