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    Premium cPanel  for sale. U.S. IP address.


    2GB Hard Disk Space
    100GB Monthly Bandwidth
    Support for SQL database
    Support for Mailboxes
    Support for 2 domains
    Supports PHP, Perl, Python programming languages


    N3000 or USD $20 for 1 month account
    N7500 or USD $50 for 3 months account
    N16000 or USD $107 for 6 months account
    N32000 or or USD $107 for 1 year account

    Payable through bank or online via liberty reserve


    Website Hosting
    Forum Hosting
    India Web Proxy script

    Terms of Usage

    No scamming or email spamming (bombing)
    No religious of political intolerance materials
    No pornography of any kind
    Not to be used for slander of persons
    No IRC or warez

    Violation of any of the above results in an automatic termination of account. or 08033868557. You can buy as many cpanel as you want. I am a massive reseller.

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