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    1. it won't fix a brick
    2. it assumes you have a stock recovery
    3. no need to re-root
    complete waste of time,
    if you had a custom recovery all you
    need to do is wipe and flash
    if you had a stock recovery, you never
    rooted, so just follow an established
    rooting guide
    Travisdef, on 22 August 2010 -
    10:38 PM, said:
    Ok this was not wrote by me, so credit
    will go to CTDroidBeast
    and if you have any more questions,
    feel free to email him at,
    How to Un-Brick Your Phone¶
    (Method 1)
    Ok so you're trying to put this really
    cool new custom ROM on your phone
    and then suddenly, your phone won't
    start up…well my friends, you have got
    yourself a bricked phone. The thing you
    worry about the entire time you're
    rooting, and flashing your phone, has
    now become reality. Well, fear no
    more, for I, CTDroidBeast have found a
    way to unbrick your device!
    It's really easy. It's actually easier then
    rooting your phone, believe it or not.
    Ok, you will need a new SD card,
    because I bet if you use the one out of
    your device your computer will not be
    able to read it. But if it does then HEY,
    you're in luck. You don't have to spend
    your money on a new SD card.
    So let's get started.
    Step 1: Turning Off Your Phone
    * Because you have a bricked phone,
    you can't just hold the power button.
    So if your phone is not already off then
    you're going to want to take out the
    Step 2: Preparing Our SD card
    * Take out your SD card and put it into
    an SD card reader or some type of
    other adapter so that we can view it
    from our computer. If you cannot view
    the SD card on your computer then
    you're going to need a new SD card.
    * Download and
    unzip the file.
    * Reformat the SD card to FAT32 and
    copy the DREAIMG.nbh onto it.
    * Safely eject the SD card.
    * Put the SD card into your device.
    Step 3: Wipe The Phone
    * Hold home and press the power
    * When you see the image of an !
    mark, open your keyboard and press
    Alt + L if you cannot see any command
    * Do a factory reset by pressing Alt +
    W or just using the trackball.
    * When the reset is done, go ahead
    and hold the camera button and select
    the reboot system now option with
    your trackball.
    Step 4: Flashing The Phone
    * Once the grey screen pops up (or the
    white screen if your phone was rooted
    with JesusFreke) it will ask you to hit a
    button to start installing the image…
    press that button. DO NOT DO
    It will take about 8-12 minutes.
    * When the image has completed the
    installation (it will say completed), go
    ahead and press the green, red, and
    menu buttons at the same time. The
    phone will reboot.
    And your done! Your phone is now
    The G1 screen will hang there for a
    good minute or two, but be paticiant, it
    will boot. Now you have a choice. Try
    to hack your phone again, because
    you're in the correct state to have
    another go, or, you can stick with the
    official Android. Now if you choose to
    stick with the official Android, here's
    what you do.
    Step 1: Upgrading to Android 1.0 RC33
    * Download the file signed-PLAT-RC33-
    * Rename the file to and
    copy it to your SD card
    * Reboot your phone into recovery
    mode. Power off the phone first and
    then hold down the Home key while
    powering it back on.
    * The recovery mode is finished loading
    when you see the ! mark inside the
    triangle. Press Alt + L to display the list
    of options.
    * Press Alt + S to flash the file
    * Wait for the update to apply. Your
    phone may reboot during this process
    so be patient.
    * Press Home + Back if prompted to
    reboot your phone.
    Step 2: Upgrading to Android 1.5
    * Download the file signed-kila-
    * Repeat the steps from above to flash
    the update file.
    Step 3: Upgrade to Android 1.5 CRC1
    * Download the file signed-kila-CRC1-
    * Repeat the steps from above to flash
    the update file.
    Step 4: Upgrade to Android 1.6 DRC83
    * Download the file signed-kila-DRC83-
    * Repeat the steps fromabove to flash
    the up

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