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    Welcome to guruslodge's Exam help desk!. The
    west african examination council's
    examination 2012/2013 section is at hand,
    coming up latest April but noted as a May/june
    With My strategy as applied to Neco gce
    candidates! Its going to be much better as
    answers would come to your phones inbox
    mid-night or day before exam!
    Its been running ever since! And working but
    these questions are gotten with highest of
    risk and much cash involved in getting papers
    from reliable source.
    Advice: A serious Student would go vividly
    extreme miles to see his or her success coz no
    one would be happy to say "am going to re-
    write next year" that we reject in jesus name
    Subscribe earlier the better Now! And Be
    brave to let your friends know that WAEC cant
    Deley you.
    Pay the Solution fee of just #1500 to shina
    account details below
    Bank: First Bank
    Account name: AKINNIYI-AKINTUNDE
    Account No: 3009002091
    After Payment Send your full name, your
    payment deposit slip no., your phone no., and
    and a short text 'i paid for waec solution' as
    sms to 07062283801
    e.G name: SHINA teller:305222
    phone: 07062283801 i paid for waec
    Automatically you are now listed in our SMS -
    WAEC SOLUTION LIST after we get a
    notification from the bank.
    See Faqs: Question: If i pay this amount now
    will it be too early? - answer: Yes but its a
    good one on your side because in few
    negotiation with our source, our payment
    would be high so late payments must attract
    additional fee
    Question: If i pay this amount will i pay any
    additional fee? - answer: No! But if it warrants
    so late payees would bear the cause
    Question: Is this payment for each subjects? -
    answer: No! For all 9 subjects {apart from
    religious and tribal courses e.g crs, irs, hausa,
    igbo etc.}
    Question: How Quick would this answers
    come? - answer: Our source has never failed
    us but latest a day before the exam answers
    and or questions will come to you.
    Question: How am i sure this is not a scam? -
    answer: No! And never! The outgoing neco
    gce felt our endless answers hours before
    exam but since the waec is simpler a day
    before the exam is a rest assured time.
    As a Very serious Student This Opportunity
    you should never miss {Write once spend

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