Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad MULTi5-PROPHET

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    Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad MULTi5-PROPHET | 12 Gb

    Heroes of Stalingrad will take the award winning Red Orchestra franchise into the next generation of gaming. Cutting edge graphics and audio built on Unreal Engine 3, inventive features and streamlined realism will deliver an unrivaled WWII experience. Focusing on the Battle of Stalingrad and the surrounding operations, both German and Russian, from July 1942 to February 1943 the game allows the player to experience one of the most brutal battles in all of human history?


    RO multiplayer taken to new heights: Tripwire?s renowned MP already exceeds that of much of the competition ? the new game will stretch that lead even further. With highly addictive and fun varieties of game-play online, the game will feature everything from quick, brutal firefights, through to more intricate and challenging simulation modes.


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