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    [compiled by narELlE]Correct Treatment of your
    Physically, memory cards are
    quite fragile pieces of high
    technology, susceptible to
    damage from various silly
    things like excessive heat,
    condensation, strong magnetic
    fields, physical damage from
    rough handling and/or
    bending! (similar to most
    electronic devices then..)
    Given the natue of mobile
    memory card products, they
    are constantly being taken in
    and out of some form of
    interface with a mobile phone,
    a camera, a laptop, or desktop
    PC, or a separate memory card
    reader. The number of different
    devices they have to be able to
    interact with is in the
    It is not too surprisingly, then
    that sometimes the state of the
    file system on the memory
    card can get damaged.
    This may happen for a number
    of different reasons, including:
    > removing the card from a
    device whilst an application is
    trying to read/write to it..
    (Just be patient...)
    > battery drain on a device
    whilst in use meaning an
    insufficent voltage failure
    whilst writing to the card.
    > a poor implementation of the
    MMC standard on the device
    using the card
    > poor connectivity software
    drivers on the device or the
    Windows PC/Mac
    > physical damage like card or
    device being dropped, bent,
    getting wet etc...
    > lots of others i am sure..
    As often as not, the problem is
    not terminal for your memory
    card, but just a software issue
    ( or in physical terms, it could
    be called "a temporary
    disalignment of the all the bits
    and bytes on the card").
    The fix for this problem is the
    same as for any other file
    storage device (like a floppy or
    hard drive) with corrupt or
    invalid file system, namely; re-
    format the file system.
    Re-Formatting your Moby
    Memory MMC Card:
    It is possible that your mobile
    will offer you the option of
    formatting the memory card if
    it is found to be invalid.
    (However, the likes of Nokia
    nGage, Nokia 6600, and
    Siemens Sx1 often just prefer
    to reject the media as
    In that case, to format the card,
    you will need access to one or
    more of the following:
    > A Windows PC or Mac.
    > A separate multi-format
    memory card reader (verify
    that it is compatible with the
    MultiMediaCard -MMC-
    > (This can come in USB or
    PCMCIA flavours. If USB, try
    and ensutre it is a USB2 device.
    > Alternatively, many of the
    newest laptop and desktop PCs
    now come with integrated
    Multi-format memory card
    > If you are using a separate
    memory card reader, then
    connect it up to your PC, and
    let windows recgnize the
    device through plug-and-play.
    Now you can insert your
    MobyMemory card into the
    appropriate slot in the memory
    card reader. (Please note that
    because the MMC card is pretty
    much symmetrical it is very
    easy to insert it upside-down
    in the slot).
    Open up [Windows Explorer]
    (or the equivalent for MAC
    users..sorry not well-versed in
    OS X).
    There should be at least one
    icon visible for a [Removable
    Drive] in the list of available
    (in fact, there is often a list of
    about 5 or 6 Removable drives,
    one for each of the different
    Memory card formats that your
    reader is compatible with).
    Find the drive that is mapped
    to the MMC card by clicking on
    each in turn until it confirms
    there is a drive present.
    (Sometimes it is easiest to do
    this by trying a fully-functional
    MMC card in the MMC slot first
    so you can confirm which
    drive letter it is.)
    (NB. It will always be labelled
    as a [Removable Drive], don't
    mistake it for one of your PC
    hard drives like [C:] drive,
    as that could be catastrophic
    later on!)
    At this stage it may give an
    error message saying that the
    drive is unreadable.
    By right-clicking on the drive
    letter, it will provide the
    option of formatting the drive.
    Select format the drive, and the
    [Format Drive] dialog will
    appear (Double-check again to
    make sure it not your [C:]
    There is only one setting to
    focus on in this page, and that
    is to ensure that the FileSystem
    selected for formatting is the
    [FAT] option
    (not FAT32, or NTFS or any
    other option)
    (Note: All mobile phones, to
    my knowledge, and most
    cameras (etc..) use the FAT file
    system (or at least are
    compatible with it)
    on their memory card media.)
    Now click on Format Now
    ( ensure [Quick Format] is not
    selected as this will not
    actually restore the file system
    space byte by byte, but only
    resets the header information
    so the drive thinks its empty
    again. This may not be
    enought to solve your
    corruption problem.)
    The PC will now - hopefully!-
    chug away happily until it has
    restored the memory card
    space back to its original
    (of course, any information on
    there is long gone by now!).
    If you recieve an error message
    back from the [Format Now]
    request, then your problem
    may be more permanent, and
    not just a software issue. In
    this case, it may still respond
    to a format request in a
    different memory card reader
    or device.
    If you believe it to be a failure
    of manufacture, then the
    warranty on the card offers the
    prospect of a replacement card,
    subject to a confirmation of
    the fault upon return of the
    [bROUGHT 2 U BY HACkEr1]

    dowl mmcmedic.rar[url/]

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    Pls ao cn i 4mat my micro sd dat is paswd protectd nd i'v 4goten d pswod..?
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