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    What is spiritual consultation?
    It’s a media that we human {priest} use to inquire, access information from {spirits} the land beyond. Its assess point between the living and spirits, the mortal and immortal link. A connection that exists in between the priest and spirits.

    I do require information of people far from me or close to me by their name, home town and state of origin. Why? It’s by your name that I can be able to inquire about you. For instant, you want to know about Barrack Obama; you use his name to ask about him. Or do you go ahead asking about Cynthia Nelson? Home town. In most cases I don’t bother about it but a situation whereby I need total information about you, its mandatory. State of origin. It also represents your identity. These key factors help me a lot on my spiritual consulting.
    Therefore present your request like this:
    Name: Nelson Halifa Dume
    Home town: Abali Awkuzu Rumigbo
    State of Origin: Rivers
    Country: Nigeria
    Subject: I want to know why money/job/child/peace/love has run away from me. Or I want money/peace/love/job employment, what do I do?

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