Share your Nokia Screen onyour PC Screen With any Command

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    Reqiurement: Nokia V3 +V5
    Now with support for
    Symbian^3 (Nokia N8) and
    S60v5 Touch (Nokia N97,
    View and operate your
    mobile phone from your
    desktop computer.
    Access and control all
    applications on your
    phone by using your PC’s
    keyboard and screen.
    Optimized for highest
    performance and real-time
    Remote Professional is
    the perfect tool for your
    personal productivity,
    for creating
    presentations or
    documentation, for
    tutorials or application
    Brilliant - manage your
    phone right from your PC
    Quickly enter and send a
    new SMS, make
    screenshots of an
    application running on
    your phone or even
    create AVI screencasts
    from your phone’s
    screen.[IMG][IMG] first u have to install
    284vc8771s4tzny]this[/url] software on ur pc
    then install this on ur fone
    reg. Code- 00000
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    Thanks dude. Will give it a try
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    plz the link for pc software

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    Hi pls correct d pc sw link

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