Should I tell my husband that the daughters he loves so much don’t belong to him?

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by ItuExchange, Nov 19, 2016.

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    My husband loves both of his daughters a lot, but he isn't their father. Should I tell him?

    I am love married for 15 years now and living happily with my husband and two daughters 14 & 13 years old.

    He is not their real father and he is not aware of that.
    From my college days when I was dating him, I used to have casual sex with guys around.

    Please don't ask me about counts.
    After marrige I became a housewife and was less social.
    But this didn't change me.

    I still get to meet guys when my husband was out which included his cousin,friends,laundry man, neighbours etc.
    So in short I did it with multiple guys.

    And I have no regrets,I still do it but less frequently.

    When my daughters where 5 & 6 I got their dna tested and as expected came to know he isn't their father.

    He is a good man though, but I feel if I tell him,he will leave me, and that will affect my daughters life financially.

    So what should I do?


    I’m going to assume this is a joke post. Assuming it isn’t—big mistake on my part—here’s my answer and it’s going to be somewhat harsh.

    What you did before your marriage is your business. I fooled around quite a bit before I got married, had multiple girlfriends, enjoyed life, and I don’t have a double standard where men sleeping around is okay while for women it isn’t. Women are free to do what they want and more power to them, but…

    Men don’t get pregnant. You did. From other men. And your attitude since you found out has been nothing short of hypocritical. You continued having extra-marital affairs, had two children with different men, and you are using your husband as an ATM machine.

    He loves his children….he doesn’t know they’re not biologically his. Have you given a thought to how he feels or how he would feel if he knew? I don’t think you have, at least, not much, according to your letter.

    You care for your daughters, but don’t care enough to be faithful to your husband or at least tell him the truth. So FWIW, you owe him the truth. If he leaves you, he’s more than justified, IMO. If he doesn’t, you should be thankful and you should leave, as he is the superior parent in this situation.


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