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    Join Helping Hand Today, Finally, The Most Powerful Global Opportunity Ever!!!
    Everything to know about Helping Hands International (H2i)...Read through or Click the video right away and watch!

    Helping Hands International (H2i) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with the Vision: "To help the needy and the less privileged globally" through human capacity development and life empowerment. And by divine inspiration for improving humanity H2i was foundered by Mrs. MAC-ELVIS Luzviminda (CEO/Founder) & Dr. Ramielo Policarpio (Co-Founder).

    H2i was pre-launched in Nigeria on the 3rd of December, 2013 and fully launched on the 31st of May, 2014 at Lagos with the approval of Ex-President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. H2i is fully registered with Corporate Affairs Commission with Registration Number RC 1242747.

    [img width=266 height=200]https://youngesttycoon.files.wordpr...9093663207786_7824591588217898226_n.jpg[/img]

    * Our Unparalleled Solutions

    Life Empowerment Services
    We are services oriented (our products are our services). And please note, we don't sell our services because this is not a profit (monetary wise) oriented organisation. And we have 5 services we render, namely:

    1) Humanitarian services:
    Two persons receive $1000 and nomination for an orphanage home funding via member recommendation.

    2) Trade and skill acquisition:
    Our NGO offers free trade and skill acquisition on numerous skills to empower all members.

    3) Assets and property support:
    Our NGO offers 70% fund support for members to acquire any property payable within a 12 months plan.

    4) Financial Support Funds:
    Our NGO offers business funds of $12,000 (N1.98M) interest free and collateral free. And for a project loan $44,000 (N7.26M) for all members.

    5) Scholarship awards:
    Members are entitled to recommend 6 persons for scholarship yearly. Two of your kids, two of your religious members, and two of your community members.

    2. How To Become A Member
    You become a member with the sum of N6,600 ($40), N19,800 ($120), N46,200 ($280), N99,000 ($600), or more, only which is contribution to charity. And we have donors, local & international partners (companies like Apple, HP, GLO, Diamond bank, Hyundai Motors, GAC Motors, Lenovo, etc).

    [img width=266 height=200],-ipad,-cash-for-you.jpg[/img]

    [img width=266 height=200][/img]

    Helping Hands International is rich in Opportunity hence the possibilities are limitless. When you join our vision, you are not only going to make life changing amount of money, you will be empowered to touch and affect others around you by simply recommending people to be empowered and also among all other benefits you will get;

    * Brand New Cars (small and executive)
    * House of Your Own
    * FREE Brand new LAPTOP
    * Child Educational Fund
    * Trade and Skill Acquisition Training
    * Earn Great Income For Life
    * Be a Source of Help for Less Privilege and The Needy
    * Interest Free Loan Without Collateral Assets and Property Support Opportunity
    * Free Master or Visa ATM card
    * Residual Income for Life

    Your dream yesteryears is the reality of today and the hope of tomorrow, so, join us now AND LIVE YOUR DREAM!

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    Welcome to Helping Hands International.
    Sign up now and enjoy our world of unlimited possibilities and potentials!

    Fill the form after reading through or watching the video for your registrations.

    [size=14pt]DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE[/size]

    See full details here

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