'So you removed my post & allowed Nicki Minaj's own why?' - Afrocandy threatens to sue...

Discussion in 'Breaking News Nigeria' started by djayz1, Mar 6, 2017.

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    Controversial adult film actress Afrocandy, real name Chichi Opara Mazagwu, is ready to drag the owners of Instagram to court for ‘discrimination.’

    In an IG post shared yesterday, the 44-year-old expressed her anger at Instagram for not taking down Nicki Minaj’s racy Paris photo after a similar photo shared by her was removed.


    She wrote "So you Removed my post and allows #nickiminaj #NickiInPARIS on Instagram why? What is wrong with mine? What is the difference? I feel

    discriminated here and I am calling a lawyer right away for all the Distress, heartbreak, frustration, prejudices against me on this platform. I had to call you guys out. Enough is enough! Every time post stuff that are not as provocative as posts I see on this IG they take is down......
    I have Cried enough and as I'm writing this I feel so bad like my world is coming to an end, and I have to get both Legal help and maybe Physiatrics help, they have caused me enough Pain, I can't take it anymore #nickiminaj #NickiInPARIS #afrocandy #judithafrocandy #judithmazagwu #AfroCandy it's time to get to the bottom of this discrimination @Instagram



    Recall last year, Afrocandy flouted Instagram no nudity policy by posting nude photos on her account and the pictures were immediately pulled down from her page.
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