SOL Exodus v1.12.5102 Update-SKIDROW

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    SOL Exodus v1.12.5102 Update-SKIDROW | 652 Mb

    Hello, space fans! Just a quick update to let everyone know that the SOL demo is now available via Steam! Click the ?Buy It Now? button to go to the Steam product page and click ?Download Demo? to begin.

    We?d also like to thank the thousands of players who have already bought SOL and have shared their feedback us and sent us feature requests!

    We?ve been working hard to respond to them as quickly as we can, and are happy to report on our 1.12 update which will include the following customer requested features:

        In-Mission Checkpoints
        Difficulty levels
        Cockpit view (toggle; will be in new game settings screen)
        Collision damage
        Virtual joystick control & on-screen display


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