Soldiers of Anarchy ( PC/ 2002/ ENG )

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    Soldiers of Anarchy (PC/2002/ENG)
    Release Date: Oct 8, 2002 | Developer: Silver Style | Publisher: Simon & Schuster | PC | 850 MB
    Language: English
    Genre: Strategy

    Civilizationas we know has been wiped out by a incurable genetically engineeredvirus. Political chaos and public panic forces countries to take drasticmeasures to control infected populations: Death counts take toll by themillions as countries launch nuclear warheads to their ownvirus-infected cities.

    The main plot revolves around a smallgroup of soldiers and scientists that managed to survive in a militarybunker. After ten years solitary confinement, depression and boredom,the group decide to take their chances in the real world.

    Install Notes

    1) Unpack
    2) Mount of burn
    3) Install
    4) Update (Soldiers_Of_Anarchy_Patch_1.1.2.177_Cracked-FLTDOX; Soldiers_Of_Anarchy_Update_1.1.2.178-FLTDOX)
    5) Copy over cracked exe
    6) Play


    [img width=400 height=300][/img]

    [img width=400 height=300][/img]

    Download: ... .part1.rar ... .part2.rar ... .part3.rar ... .part4.rar ... .part5.rar ... .part6.rar ... .part7.rar ... .part8.rar

    Mirror 1: ... .part1.rar ... .part2.rar ... .part3.rar ... .part4.rar ... .part5.rar ... .part6.rar ... .part7.rar ... .part8.rar

    Mirror 2:

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