Some shortcut keys in Excel

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    Ctrl+Shift+O: To select all the cells with comments. If there are no cells with contents then you will get ‘No cells found’ message.

    Ctrl+[ : To show which are the related cells in the selected formula.

    Ctrl+] : To show the related formulas of the selected cell.

    Shift+Arrow key : The selection will be extended to one more adjacent cell.

    Ctrl+Shift+Arrow key : The selection will be extended to the last cell with data either horizontally or vertically based on your current selection.

    Shift+Home : The selection will be extended to the first cell horizontally.

    Ctrl+Shift+Home : Selection will be extended to the first cell in the worksheet.

    Ctrl+Shift+End: Selection will be extended until the last cell in the worksheet/.

    Enter: Cursor will be moved to the next cell below the current cell.

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    Nice post especially for th0se studying QS..

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    Thanx. I badly need all d shortcuts on MS-WORD.

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