Ten Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut You Probably Don’t Know

Discussion in 'PC Games/Softwares' started by winup, Feb 17, 2017.

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    Tired of using your mouse for all the navigation? Well shift your mouse aside because you are gonna love your keyboard more as discover these cool keyboard shortcut.

    Win + I → This will open Settings.

    Win + E → This will open the File explorer.

    Win + L → This will lock your PC.

    Win + S → This will open the Search menu.

    Win + Shift + Up → This will stretch your current window up to bottom.

    Win + Tab → This will open the Task view.

    Ctrl + Shift + Esc → This will open the Task manager.

    Alt + Tab → This will help you switch between opened apps. Just hold down the Alt key and then press and release the Tab key.

    Win + (left or right) → This will move the current window left or right.

    Win + Up → This will maximize the current window.

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