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    Is not a joke now that people are making good money with football. There are real and scam football betting site. But i will be writting about 2 wonderful betting site that make me good money. 1. Is www.  : this is a betting site located in nigeria, they bet in dollar and 1 dollar = 150 naira at the site. So if you win 4 dollars i think you can calculate it for yourself. Goto the site and register and note use this promo code 13682 during registration, afta dat just fund your acct with atlest 150 naira. Note if you make use of the promo code above you will receive 10 percent on all your deposite. 2. This site is they bet in naira, the minimum you can use to find your account with them is N1000. Goto the site and register during registration make sure you use victor as your referer name cus is very essential afta registration just login and fund your acct. 

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