The Differences Between AR Grade MgO and Active MgO

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    The main preparation methods of active magnesium oxide is that the magnesite was calcined in furnace. And then, in order to control the temperature into the range of producing active magnesium oxide, it should control the technique, craft, the use of coal and production equipment as well. The interior structure of magnesite is loose and the hole in crystal is the highest. It make the magnesium oxide has needed activity. In the applications, as a kind of new high functional fine inorganic material, the active magnesium oxide is the aggregation of nano particle. The grain size is between one thousand to two thousands nanometer, and the iodine absorption value is more than long hundred. Because the particle is wispy, it has some special functions differ from body material, such as heat, light, electricity, mechanics and chemistry.
    The activity of active magnesium oxide and AR grade magnesium oxide both indicate high surface area, that is the unit mass of the material has a high total surface area. Figure ground says, it is extremely loose and porous, and has a strong absorbability and a high chemical reactivity. These is relation between them. At the same time, as the members of magnesium oxide, they are different essentially not only in name but also in preparation technology, chemical property and application area.
    The AR grade magnesium oxide means that what standard dose the content of magnesium oxide in reagent reach. And the active magnesium oxide means that the reagents microstructure make it has very high ratio surface area, strong adsorption and chemical reactivity. These two are different definitions.
    The AR grade magnesium oxide is a kind of MgO with very high purity generally. Generally speaking, the preparation technology is vapor phase method. That is: high purity magnesium metal reacts with oxygen to form crystal nucleus, so that the particle can continue to grow, and then, it can make high purity powder magnesium oxide. The raw material which contents more than eighty percent magnesium oxide was dissolved, and manufacturers to magnesium salt. The AR grade magnesium oxide mainly used for the reagent industry and other chemical intermediates.

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