The meaning of jail breaking for Apple users with iPod, iPhone, iTouch And iPad

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    Today i decided to copy one of my tutorials to guruslodge members who owned Apple devices and wanted to jail break it. so today am gonna tell you the meaning of jail breaking after i will give you the tutorials on how to jail break it and the site to download free apple applications.

    [img width=99 height=148][/img]what is jail Breaking"?, Well, Jailbreaking is the Act of Removing Restriction from Device to make it perform extra task restricted by the Company. Just like Nokia Symbian Phone is to H@cking, Apple Devices {iPod, iPhone,iTouch & iPad} is to JailBreaking!
    1-Apple Purposely Restrict Most of their Device to perform Limited Fuction, Imagine your Phone {iPhone} having Bluetooth but you cannot Send nor Receive anything from other Device apart from Apple to Apple product, meaning if you are using an iPhone, You can't receive or Send anything to Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Motorola Phones.

    2-If you Make Use of iPad, Your bluetooth will only allow you to Connect with Headset, You cannot Send Files from your Phone to your iPad, You have to make use of iTunes to Snycronise every now and then. Just Wondering why the Company have to Do such on our Device.

    3-JailBreaking of iPad allow users to Make use of USB Flash or Modem, Once you JailBreak your iPad, You can then Purchase the iPad USB Converter from any Store near you and you can make Use of Flash & Internet Modem on your iPad.

    4-After Jailbreaking, You can now Install the Application that allow you to Recharge your Data Bundle directly from your iPad or even Load Recharge card into your SIM without Removing it.

    5-With JailBreaking, You can Make Calls and also Send Text Message using your Micro SIM as a Means

    6- JailBreaking will Free your Device and make it Fully Functional to your taste, You can do anything with it... Now your Apple Device will be fully customizable, themeable, and you could Possibly do anything that is not Authorise by Apple.

    7-You can never Download any Files e.g mp3, PDF infact any Files at all on your iPad & iPod, Just take your time to Scroll down, I will solve the Problem!

    8- When You Jail Break Your Apple device you can apply themes on it.



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    No info about the above topic exist on the link you provided.
    @Poster, try and find another thing to do other than deceiving us. (I'm not saying jail-breaking of apple products is not possible) but that the much needed info about it is no where to be found in the link you provided.

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