The Warriors (Eng_PS2)

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    The Warriors (Eng/PS2)
    06.05.2011 | Eng | PS2 | Developer: Rockstar Toronto | Publisher: Rockstar Games | 2.81 GB
    Genre: Beat-'em-Up
    America 70 - gloomy place. In large cities, the gangs wreaking havoc. Savage boys in leather jackets is much more than
    police officers. Guardians of the order of five times less than the number of bandits and unable to cope with them. Romance
    big road wheel and deal subservient areas of the city divided into zones of influence, but at night the streets spilled blood and
    violence reigns gangster shootouts.
    New York City - the capital of a life of crime. You and your people were charged with "unlawful" killing the leader of a
    neighboring group. Now you - out of the criminal laws. Now you - free the soldiers, who fight not for land and power, but for
    their own lives. Two dozen miles separates you from out of town. Hundreds of ruthless street dogs are blocking the road ...
    At the core of the game - the classics of American cinema. "Warriors" was released in 1979 and ravaged the world. Painting
    has had a huge influence on pop-culture has left its mark on fashion, music, movies and now, decades later, got to the
    gaming industry.
    Blood, brutality and violence in the best tradition of the creators of GTA and Manhunt. Warriors - entertainment is not for the
    faint of heart. Body fighters are bleeding and covered in bruises. The Warriors are not aware of forbidden techniques: strike
    the enemy in the groin, apply their heads against the wall - in street fights no rules!
    The game's plot does not coincide with the history of film. Advertisement Warriors, inspired by a masterpiece of cinema,
    wrote a unique scenario. The fate of game characters and movie characters intersect only at the end of the bloody drama.
    Fight for life alone or with friends. Virtual brothers never let you leave, but true friends - much more reliable. Other players
    can join the fight for survival at any stage of the game, joint adventure does not need to start throwing the freedom to re- from.

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    big bro, i don finish downloading the game but the password no dey oh. i beg post the password make i feel the game. thanks

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    pls i could not download dis file more.....
    can it be resolved?

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