Tips for Making Your Instagram and Snapchat More Popular.

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    Instagram and SnapChat have in the past few years gained popularity across the social sphere with over 700 million users; including businesses using them as platforms for engaging with customers. Also, SnapChat is amazingly now the second most popular social media app. However, to really enjoy social media and these two apps, one must have the right smartphone, and most importantly a beautiful camera. According to experts, the camera quality of a smartphone is amongst the most important requirements for the success of your images, whether capturing pictures from date nights, snaps of last night’s dinner or videos from holidays.
    The Huawei Y6II camera boasts a panorama mode to get a wider photo shot, and a super night mode for better quality pictures taken at night, a 13 Megapixel rear camera that captures even the tiniest of details making it perfect for Instagram and SnapChat users. The camera also comes with a beautification mode equipped with face recognition and a 10 level face enhancement feature which means stunning Instagram pictures without having to download all the other photo editing apps. The icing on top is that with the 5.5-inch HD (1280×720) display, photos on the Y6II comes out looking radiant, crisp and clear
    Now, here are a few tips on how to keep your Snapchat and Instagram on the “cool-kid” list:
    • Photo editing – Yes Filter! For those days when the elements are not quite co-operating, editing your images is your savior. The Y6II comes inbuilt with a beautification technology that allows you to enhance images with various makeup styles and preview the effects immediately just by touching the image. The effects are amazing yet very natural looking, so your secret is safe!
    • Panorama Pictures: Everyone loves a good selfie however sometimes people want to see a little bit more detail when you post photos. The Huawei Y6II makes this possible because it has a 77’ angle lens that captures more of your environment. So if you are on vacation and want people to see the view around you, or your cute outfit, or well laid out apartment, voila! You have struck gold with this one
    • Quick Updates on the Go – Snapchat lovers often want to capture random moments and post them quickly. If you are one of the snappies, then you would need a phone with a great processor that makes the phone perform faster. The Huawei Y6II has an impressive kirin 620 64-bit A53 octa-core processor to ensure smoother performance while multi-tasking.
    • Keep it Fresh and Interesting: Having witty captions always keeps your followers amused and creates engagement on your platform. So even though having an awesome phone like the Y6II goes a long way, make sure to keep things fresh and fun on your page. When you get a lot of LOL’s and laughter emojis on your comments, you know you’re doing something right!

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