Top 5 Secrets every international Students should know

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    Top 5 Secrets Every International Student Should Know
    The following tips are really open secrets. If you’ve done your research properly you’ll know at least three of them. However for you to succeed and have a wonderful time as an international student, even as a student in your locality, you have to do all of these things.
    GET SET UP- Getting set up includes opening a bank account that you can easily access in your new school’s locality. Be sure to make enquiries on the type of account that will fit your student lifestyle. A lot of banks have student incentives like little or no bank charges. Scout for decent and convenient accommodation making sure that you ask a lot of questions and a lot of investigation. Also get yourself a phone, a computer and internet connection that work in the locality.
    AUGMENT YOUR INCOME- Unless you have unlimited source of income, you might find yourself running out of money too soon. It is best if you look for supplementary income by getting a part time job. If getting a part time job is illegal due to your visa terms, you can look for online freelance jobs.
    PLAN YOUR FINANCES- Planning is very key for survival as a student. If you don’t plan, you might find yourself spending more than your income and become stranded. Planning will also check excessive spending as having a pre made list will curb impulsive spending.
    SEEK ADVICE- Talking to classmates, seniors, locals and teachers will definitely help. Ask them for advice. Let them point you in the right directions. Seniors will show you how they settled in and the mistakes they made. Classmates will share ideas with you, locals will show you the terrain while your teachers will guide you on academics and the resources you need.
    DON’T PAY THE FULL PRICE FOR ANYTHING- Several businesses offer discounts and benefits for students and you want to be taking advantage of your status as a student. The International Student Identity Card (ISIC card) helps students get access to these benefits and discounts and can help you save a lot. The card is valid in most countries in the world and will also double as a means of identification. Similar cards for teachers and youths are also available by providers of ISIC card.
    The sooner you use these secrets, the easier your student life becomes. You can get your International Student Identity card in Nigeria from:
    360infomobile Ltd,
    88/92 Broad Street, Lagos
    Phone: 08173072608, 08093200000

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