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    Before i start you need these tools
    for java and or symbian





    CLASS TRANSLATOR http://waploaded.com/site_file.xhtml?get-file=637


    javaphone use BLUEFTP TO PACK http://waploaded.com/site_file.xhtml?get-file=641 

    Symbian phones use JARBOOM TO PACK 

    s60v2 http://waploaded.com/site_file.xhtml?get-file=639 

    s60v3  http://waploaded.com/site_file.xhtml?get-file=640 

    To make the splashscreen and opera skin in 10seconds (symbians) 

    s60v2 http://waploaded.com/site_file.xhtml?get-file=643 

    s60v3  http://waploaded.com/site_file.xhtml?get-file=644 

    For jarboom, opmintool to open you need to have installed python. 

    PYTHON 1.5.0 s60 http://waploaded.com/site_file.xhtml?get-file=642 

    java just download these app to your phone and set the application to ADD AND EDIT USER DATA
    and symbian download and install.

    I guess you have heard or used those apps above!

    B4 i start, thanks to kelvin31 (on modding of opmintools) and thanks to sunnex

    Now lets go

    wen modding a stylish mini 4.2 i.E opera4.2 here are things you need to temper

    LOCATE and open THE OPERA.Jar And extract items
    symbian use explore

    s60 v3 http://waploaded.com/site_file.xhtml?get-file=646

    s60 v2 http://waploaded.com/site_file.xhtml?get-file=647

    while s40 needs to have download the files as .Jar1 or _jar which could be done by opera or ucweb or rather download as .Zip

    most appropriate, HANDLER MODS are best coz its raw

    so there4 s40 (java) locate e.G the opera.Zip with blueftp , extract it to a folder after extractns name automatically becomes opera_jar to finally scale through, rename the opera_jar to opera.Zip with blueftp and click open then lo all internal files will surface.

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    Lets assume we have seen all files, i.E after opening opera.Jar and the re-renamed opera.Zip
    on s60 and s40

    Then extract all to a folder e.g my opera and put it there.

    Now locate the folder found in the extracted files META-INF and edit the manifest.mf

    this is an example of what you will see

    [hr][/hr]MIDlet-Name: Opera Waploaded.com
    MIDlet-1: Waploaded.Com, /i.png, Browser
    MIDlet-Data-Size: 25600
    MicroEdition-Configuration: CLDC-1.0
    MIDlet-Icon: /i.png
    MIDlet-Info-URL: http://www.waploaded.com#/
    MIDlet-Permissions-Opt: javax.microedition.io.Connector.sms, javax.wir
    eless.messaging.sms.send, javax.microedition.io.Connector.socket, jav
    ax.microedition.io.Connector.file.write, javax.microedition.io.Connec
    MIDlet-Vendor: Opera Software ASA <HandlerUI-Mod Ver1.3.2>
    MIDlet-Permissions: javax.microedition.io.Connector.http
    MIDlet-Version: 4.2
    MicroEdition-Profile: MIDP-2.0
    MIDlet-Description: OM4.2
    MIDlet-Delete-Confirm: want some more modded apps and games, visit=> http://www.waploaded.com# or call 08163159653 or 08167060020
    HandlerQ1: socket://
    HandlerQ2: its sunnex (08167060020) visit www.Waploaded.com for your cheats and downloads

    The above is an example from my mod with working cheat! Note: remove # from link.

    If you are a good observer you will see some things like

    Midlet-name: ??????
    Change ???? To your desired name.

    This means miDLet-name: carries the name of the opera

    MIDlet-Delete-Confirm: ???
    Change ??? To desired text, this shows confirm page when u want to delete/uninstall the opera

    HandlerQ0: is http custom server:

    HandlerQ1: socket:// is socket server

    HandlerQ2: is frontquerry

    handlerq3: middlequerry
    h....Q4: backquery

    is the host...

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    Next edit .Class

    to do this with java you need class translator found above

    then symbian use
    znt_xhan http://waploaded.com/site_file.xhtml?get-file=355

    class to edit


    V class has the installing page, splash and more.

    editing the installing page

    this is found in the 3rd link in v.

    To edit a text of 27chars to 14chars simply clear whole 27chars, replace the 13chars add a slash making 14chars and complete rest 13 with spaces

    e.G waploaded.Com/             

    How to mod the splash?
    Simple way symbians download opmintools above and use it.

    Note: python must be installed.

    Javaphone follow my steps

    Now lets start.
    1. Extract all you operamini classes into a folder. Then bring out the V because that the part we are editing.

    2. Bring out your image you want to use for the splash screen in .png format.
    Which you renamed using photo shop
    then open your Class Editor, and use it to locate the image
    note: the image should not be more than 5kb and resolution should be lyk 120x60. Because the one i used was even less than that

    open the image with you class Editor, then you will see character lyk PNG .Xx

    then press * to highlight, then press the Down Navigation Botton to mark all  3. Now after marking the image, press the Right Soft key, then press 5 then at the bottom, you will see a bar, select Copy
    then after copying. press the left Soft key

    then copy down the size of the image. Dont include the last 6

    4. Then open the "V" part of the operamini you extrated with your Class Editor don't exit after copy the image

    after opening "V" press  9 then a search box will apear.

    Then in the search box put PNG  then Ok

    after ok press #  After pressing # press 4, press "*" then copy down the image untill you reach  a character where you see END B' (square box)

    when you see it, press The right soft key and then  press "5"

    you will see a bar, at the bottom, then select  "insert"

    then save  press the left soft key and click "Save"

    now you can exit
      Now open your class calc4m the put the size of the image in the box there u are using in the box
    e.G 20908
    the screw down 2wice and press the # and hold
    then the result i got was 51Ac

    then record it down

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    Then open your Hex editor
    and put the result you got from the calc4m
    which is said that my own was 51AC
    then copy down the result u get

    Let me continue. After puting the result which i said my way 51AC In the Hex Editor

    my result was

    AAND SO ON...........

    Now lets interprete the above result.

    It means that any war you see
    2CDC put 7BB6 ETC

    NOW 4 S40 USERS OPEN YOUR CLASS EDITOR. locate your your V and open it.
    Then press 0. The screen with divid into 2

    now press 9 then in the box put 27 OK THEN  press #

    then you will see the cursor highligting 2C now start replace

    2cd200002cf800002cbf0000 etc

    so what you do it to put the hex value o 2cdc  to replace it

    DONT TOUCH THE 0000 kip editing until its over

    NOTE: YOU HEX RESULT MUST NOT BE MORE OR LESS THAN 14. And The dig e.g 7bb6 should not be more that 4

    Enjoi i took time to bring this shit out, do say thanks lol.

    Next is how to pack it.

    I guess u guys must have know how to change the opera icon

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