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    Unity Donations is a simple system that enable members raise the money they seek for any business or project, it works with a 5 x 5 forced matrix and is very simple to get involved in. It is a transparent, member to member payment scheme or donations that enables you raise the money that you need for your business. . It is a systematic peer-to-peer donation system with a perfect tree that builds every level complete before moving to the next. No referral link is needed and registration is absolutely free. By using this platform, members can donate and receive from one another.

    What the 5x5 forced matrix means is that the system gives you persons to join you as your downline when you register. Those five (5) persons will get five (persons) each, making it 25. The 25 persons will have 5 persons each to make persons each summing up to 125. At this stage you must have been in Level 3

    2. Register!
    3. Upgrade Procedures
      Get upgraded by a direct Upline to "Level 1" by donating the sum of ₦5,500 only. Receive exactly the same amount you donated to your Upline from the direct Downlines matched to you directly. In this case, 5 Downlines shall be matched with you and u are eligible to receive from all the downlines before upgrading to the next level. That means, you can receive as much as (₦ 5,500 X 5 = ₦ 27,500) in "level 1" only.
      This process goes on in "Level 2". After receiving donations from your downline in "level 1", you are expected to pay an upgrade fee of ₦11,000. The interesting part of this is that, you are now eligible to receive the exact amount you donated from 25 downlines. That is (₦11,500 X 25 = ₦275,000). Now tell me; Ain't that just incredible? In a nutshell, the table below sums up how a member can become a Millionaire with just the initial fee of ₦5,500 USD within the shortest period in time.
    4. Membership Levels
      The system grades its graded members into 3 Levels. A member starts as an ordinary member as he/she signs up until the member pays the first "Upgrade fee" and get upgraded by an Upline. When a member is at it second (2) level the "RECYCLE ACCOUNT" button will show on it dashboard so that he or she could gobak into the system as a grade one member while he/she still recieve payment from the level 2 downlines.
    Register here:

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