@VIC Help me Hack my E71

Discussion in 'DELETED POSTS' started by alimezia, Mar 19, 2012.

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    @VIC plz help me. It about my E71 i want to hack it, i tried de Quickhackkit, i installd it on my phone, wen installng i mark BiNPDA Security Manager, Installserver 9.2,9.3 ,CapsOff Drive 9.2. And i unmarked others After wich de installing ave been successfuly made, i went to my INSTALLATION and i saw Secman, and wen i tried opening it,it refuse to open wat i only saw was. welcome to the Installation of. Dat all  i saw, it refuse to show were i'll see install root certificant, bt ave not flash my fone wit de * 3 and Send key, if i flash my fone will it work,plz i need ur help .. Tankx alot u are de great....

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