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    1. Built-in high sensitivity 3D acceleration sensor, can capture your every tiny movement, more accurate pedometer.
    2. You can track your calories burned, exercise steps, moving distance, you can also set the query moving target to complete the degree.
    3. With temperature display, easy for users to understand the temperature of their environment.
    4. Strap Set USB interface as a whole, plug and play.
    5. With motion data memory function, you can view the recorded data by linking computer exercise.
    6. Time / date display, adjust the time can be synchronized with the computer.
    7. Intelligent sleep monitoring, user knowledge or improve sleep quality.
    8. USB charging watches, built-in rechargeable battery, can be connected to a computer's USB port for data exchange and charging.
    9. Compact and lightweight, simple and stylish, wrist arc design, more comfortable to wear.

    Package Content:
    1 x Smart Wrist


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