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    Dis is a chance 4 my people writing dis year waec g.c.e.dis is a situation where by some students will have some results but not completed but still completed but no admission. and dis make some students in their waec or neco not completed and dis make d students not get d admission to d university.that is why am here to help concerning ur waec g.c.e because b4 u can free from o level difficulties u nid to acquire above the six credit b4 allow to university.
    Note:to get d questions easily call me on 0If u nid life questions 4 ur waec g.c.e.is available just send me ur email and call me 4 other explain as u seriousness is concern as early u get the questions bcos i wat u to practice it b4 d exams come 8132598786 and send ur email and d question will be send 2 days to the exams.
    Note 2:dont be late to get d question bcos it is easy 4u to study it ,b4 going to d exams.bcos i dont want to implicate me it is easy 4u to study it,and read it and if u nid post u.t.m.e questions just call me. 

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