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    This is to inform all Gurusian
    that WAEC GCE result is out,
    Check your result HERE and
    dnt forget to drop your
    testimony &always have it @
    the back of your mind that
    Next year Jamb& Waec gonna
    be the best if of best if Only
    you can start inviting more
    member now.
    Dr. Iyi Uwadiae, Head of the
    Nigeria National Office, said
    404,863 candidates,
    comprising 225,023 male
    and 179,840 female
    candidates sat for the
    Of this number, 394,337
    candidates, representing
    97.4 per cent had their
    results fully processed, while
    10,526 candidates,
    representing 2.6 per cent
    had few subjects still being
    processed due to various
    errors and omissions mostly
    traceable to the candidates.
    Uwadiae said some of these
    errors and omissions
    occurred during online
    registration for the
    examination and some
    committed during the
    The results of 39,066
    candidates, representing
    9.65 per cent of the
    candidates were withheld
    for alleged involvement in
    examination malpractice.

    CALL nw 2 upgrade ur result

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