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    step1:logon to waecdirect .org and
    make sure u have all the
    requirement needed for u to
    access your result are
    thereSTEP2:when u are on your
    result page simply open another
    tab on the pc STEP3 then go 2
    hidemyip. com.STEP 4 search for
    the follwing scripts
    STEP 5.open anoda tab nd
    download dis H@cking
    softwares.*cookie crumble*
    *dont spy on me* *anti hacker*
    *clearmyhistory*.nd *hidemyip
    for os x*.STEP 6 then d tab dat u
    ve open b4 wit waecdirect .org
    simply insert any of the script in2
    your waecdirect .org page.This
    bring out full language
    STEP7automatically your result
    page will open bt nt as normal as d
    waec page is supose 2 b.at d
    extreme end u wil c 'void'click on it
    nd hack it using d anti hacker 2
    hack which means 2 edit.den use d
    cookie crumble 2 secure it nd also
    mak sure d hidemyip os x nd dnt
    spy on me software has been
    install 2 your computer.after
    editing u 'save it on d any of the
    script'STEP 8.open anoda page nd
    check your result nd c d
    changes.NB it is advice u use
    BROWSER. congrats. for
    assistance reach me on

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