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    Have you been looking for funding for your small or big project?

    Perhaps you are looking for how to add an Extra Source of Income, save more, and improve your standard of living?

    Welcome to the world of Wealth Mason Partners...
    Wealth Mason Partners is a crowfunding project that makes it fast and easy for anyone in the world to get fund for their Business, Housing, Educational Project, or any kind of project through donations from partners.

    *How WMP Works...*

    It has 4 levels deep, but the width is unlimited.

    *1* Register with the Team Rotator Link Here!

    *2.* Then donate 0.006 BTC each to your 4 upliner,that is 0.024 Bitcoin, plus One-Time Admin fee of 0.003 BTC. In other words 0.027 BTC is all you need to start.

    *3.* Once the BTC has been donated, a customized website like this will be generated for you and will come with your unique name.

    *4.* Participate in the law of exchange by referring 4 people to the system. Each of the people you have referred sends the same amount, 0.006 BTC and also refers at least 4 people.

    *5.* For each 4 people referred by them you will make 0.024 BTC.

    And you keep earning as you move up position allowing you to make 0.096 BTC, 0.384 BTC and it just keeps on growing until you would have made 1.536BTC, and 6.144 BTC..going to 24.576 BTC

    *6.* The 4 wallet addresses you see, is for those of your 4 Uplines, they are the people that have joined in the same way as you and have also invested in the same way with the same objective to raise funds to make your project a reality.


    The Team Rotator is a way to support those who do not know how to *Get Referrals*

    Link Rotator is an incredibly powerful and flexible tool that will redirect traffic (url forward) from a portal to almost any *(Unlimited)* number of destinations (*Website Address*).

    *Then you have only one url or link to all your websites!*

    For Example, this rotator =>

    Links to many URL of people are already subscribed to *WMP*

    *See some of the Links Below:*

    Wealth Mason Partners
    Wealth Mason Partners
    Wealth Mason Partners
    Wealth Mason Partners
    Wealth Mason Partners
    Wealth Mason Partners
    Wealth Mason Partners
    Wealth Mason Partners
    Wealth Mason Partners
    Wealth Mason Partners


    I mean just to mention a few

    It has one unique Feature, that is the 30days Cache.

    Once it catches the link of a member, it will be there till the person decides to sign up and upgrade, even if its the next 30Days.

    So our team promotes one link. But if you want to promote your link alone, feel free to do so.

    Click Here To Register Now With The Team Rotator Link!

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