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    With SWISSCREDIT, what you see is what you get;


    Uses the principle of Giver's Gain

    You use either NAIRA or BITCOIN

    50 percent profit in 15 days OR 100 percent profit in 30 days

    $20 registration bonus to all members who uses Bitcoin as donation method

    Auto-confirmation of bitcoin

    ₦5,000 registration bonus to all members who uses Naira as donation method

    10% bonus on helps given by your downlines

    10% of 5 helps provided within 150 days as a credibility score bonus

    $10 bonus for posting a success story

    The system shares 10% of the global helps given to top 10 members with the highest number of referrals for every month.

    Members are matched on time


    htt p://ww

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