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Discussion in 'DELETED POSTS' started by eleniyan, Sep 1, 2011.

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    Guys, my lappy wifi dey see 1 swift 4G 49t, bt if i wan conect, e go ask 4 pasword, its WEP encryptd, aw i fit bypas/hack am on windows7ulti, all d tools nd tutorial i found r 4 linux oo (aircrack, airsnort, kismet, wepwedgie, etc). D windows tut wey i c dat wud alow me to use dos linux tools on windows consists of
    1. me writing ma own .dll files,
    2. i nid winPcap tx (a wireles adapta 4 network admin to test deir systems 4 vunerabilities, inoda words a wireles encryption hack tool costing £200 on amazon) wit cain & abel.
    3. Dwnld monitor mode drivers 4 a limitd suportd wireles adapta, atheros & ralink only. (I use broadcom)

    Isnt there anoda way? Am tink of instaling linux on ma 2nd partition. I jst wana ask which distro i shud use nd wia to get it (compt. Vilage or dwnload) sum1 sed i shud go 4 backtrack2? redhat nd ubuntu is out of it...

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