You can now choose connect your telegram to up to 360 services including Instagram, Twitter etc

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    Telegram which is one of the most popular social messaging apps for mobile devices has just released a new update for its iOS and Android users. The new update comes with a lot of new features and also many improvements.
    The latest telegram version 3.15 lets you pin important conversation top the top of list so you never miss any message. To use this feature on your android device just tap and hold any conversation, then click on the "pin to top" option. For iOS users, just swipe left on any conversation and select "pin".
    With this new option, you can pin up to five chats to the top of the list and also five secret chats.

    Telegram has also introduced IFTTT (If This Then That) integrations in its latest update, which lets you link your Telegram account with more than 360 other services. This services includes social networks like Twitter and Instagram, productivity tools like Gmail or Pocket, entertainment apps like Spotify or Pinterest, cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive, and a lot more other services.

    tap the Picture-In-Picture icon in the new video player for YouTube/Vimeo links. This will make the video shrink, and you can drag it around the screen so that it doesn't disturb whatever you are currently doing. The new video player also toggles fullscreen mode when you rotate your phone accordingly.

    Furthermore, With Telegram 3.15 for Android, users can now forward messages and media from Cloud Chats and Channels to Secret Chats. All this new features are now available on both the iOS and Android app store. And according to telegram, more features will be released soon.

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