Zensis Theme DIY v1.50 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Cracked illusion with application icons

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    The only software that
    lets you create your own
    personal theme right on
    your Nokia S60 phone!
    All is done in a few
    minutes! Pick any photo,
    choose from 12 theme
    templates, store up to 6
    personalized themes, and
    bring a new look on your
    phone instantly. Changing
    theme has never been
    more easy and fun! It's
    really a must-have for
    every S60 phones.New features include:
    6 more theme templates,
    with application icons
    Can add 2 photos! One
    for idle screen
    background and one for
    menu background
    Can change text color of
    title and content. 40
    different colors are
    Support 8 languages:
    German, Italian, French,
    Portuguese, Spanish,
    English, Trandition
    Chinese, Simplified
    ChineseIt's just that


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