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    This is for all those who want to
    know about proxy softwares and
    sites that bypass firewall
    Hopster hides your IP address to
    protect you from anyone who
    wants to know who you are while
    you're on the Internet.
    Hackers, RIAA investigators, Kazaa
    monitoring and tracking spyware
    can no longer track you. No one will
    know where or who you are.
    Hopster acts like an anonymous
    proxy server between you and
    other computers. It lets people
    bypass censoring firewalls to chat
    with friends using MSN, AIM, Yahoo,
    Trillian, ICQ and it allows
    anonymous downloads from
    Kazaa, iMesh, Grokster, WinMX and
    many other P2P tools.
    Hopster autoconfigures for most
    P2P clients and instant messengers
    and you don't need to take extra
    steps to make it work right away.
    Be aware that Hopster's site has
    pop up ads.
    HTTP-Tunnel acts as a SOCKS server,
    allowing you to use your Internet
    without being monitored at work,
    home or school. You can safely use
    applications in spite of restrictive
    firewalls. All activities are
    encrypted, which provides an extra
    layer of protection from hackers,
    spyware and ID theft.
    Works with eMule, Kazaa, Trillian,
    AIM, FTP, mIRC, Yahoo! Instant
    Messenger and others.
    Bypass Proxy Client lets you surf
    the Internet using your own virtual
    network so you can anonymously
    read news groups, talk in chat
    rooms and visit Web sites. It also
    protects your Kazaa identity. The
    software encrypts your Internet
    movement and routes it through
    private network servers.
    Bypass blocks Web sites that collect
    IP information and user information
    for spam lists, safeguards your
    location and identity when using
    P2P applications like Kazaa and
    prevents corporate networks from
    logging your chat, email or Web
    communication. It works with
    Kazaa, AIM, Yahoo! Instant
    Messenger, MSN, IRC and ICQ.
    All editions of Bypass Proxy Client
    are available as free-trial versions;
    they are free, fully functional and
    have an unlimited evaluation
    period. Please note however that
    service bandwidth will be limited

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    Anonymous Surfing from
    Anonymizer creates an encrypted
    path between your computer and
    the Internet to shield you from
    online spying, phishing and
    pharming (illegally redirects users
    to fraudulent web sites). It
    prevents your IP address from
    being tracked, secures data sent
    over a wireless connection and runs
    in the background.
    With Proxifier you can work with
    any Internet client (browsers, FTP,
    ICQ, IRC, Kazaa, messengers, telnet,
    SSH, video/audio, games and
    others) through a network that is
    separated from Internet by a
    firewall (only one open port is
    Two editions are available:
    Standard and portable. See the
    comparison chart.
    It provides added privacy in all
    your Internet activities. For
    example, when sending and
    receiving email through a proxy
    server or by chaining multiple
    proxy servers together, Proxifier
    supports all mail clients while
    allowing you to remain
    The bundle includes Freedom Anti-
    Virus, Freedom Firewall, and
    Freedom Pop-up Blocker. Anti-virus
    protects your computer against
    malicious viruses, Trojans and
    worms. Freedom Firewall detects
    intruders and provides real-time
    alerts of who's trying to connect to
    your PC. Its detailed intrusion logs
    lists the blocked intrusions and
    warns you when programs are
    trying to send information without
    your consent. Also included are
    keyword alert, password manager
    and cookie manager.
    Freedom Firewall system
    56K or Internet based connection
    using standard Microsoft TCP/IP,
    with an IBM compatible Pentium
    233 MHz or higher. Freedom Pop-
    up Blocker stops the pop-ups and
    pop-unders. All applications work
    with Windows 98/2000/ME/XP.

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    Using Tor can help you anonymize
    web browsing and publishing,
    instant messaging, IRC, SSH, and
    other applications that use the TCP
    protocol. Tor also provides a
    platform on which software
    developers can build new
    applications with built-in
    anonymity, safety, and privacy
    Tor's relies on its users and
    volunteers' time and bandwidth to
    improve its security. Beware this is
    development code, therefore it's
    not a good idea to rely on the
    current Tor network if you really
    need strong anonymity.
    8.Proxy Ninja
    9.RazorThought surfSafe
    13.Sneakysurf it
    even tells you how to make your
    own proxy at the bottom of the
    working very good which allow you
    to browse and use any application
    like Msn mesenger , yahoo
    messenger with webcam and
    sound. You can also go on website
    using rtmp flash protocol even if
    your firewall block these ports For
    me this was the ultimate solution to
    avoid proxy and firewall

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    0 I is a
    Very Good Service And I Love The
    Features!(its a firewall bypassing
    17.ULTRASURF and FREEGATE . Here
    you the client connects to online
    Servers using https & here you can
    enjoy g8 speed internet
    18.other softwares that most of ul
    should know about
    19.Use for aol hotmail
    and yahoo messengers ] Works
    behind firewall. For webpages use
    I know the post got a little long but
    if it helps others who dont know
    about it what the heck! also plz
    post your comments on which
    softwares you have tried, which
    worked and which is the best!!
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    Bravo applaudsse...................
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    Applauding continua

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