Some Google Tricks, again

Discussion in 'Tech Discussions' started by Babadinho, Dec 29, 2010.

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    A few things you might want to try with Google:

    Hand type the following prefixes and note their utility:

    link:url Shows other pages with links to that url.

    related:url same as "what's related" on serps.

    site:domain restricts search results to the given domain.

    allinurl: shows only pages with all terms in the url.

    inurl: like allinurl, but only for the next query word.

    allintitle: shows only results with terms in title.

    intitle: similar to allintitle, but only for the next word. "intitle:webmasterworld google" finds only pages with webmasterworld in the title, and google anywhere on the page.

    cache:url will show the Google version of the passed url.

    info:url will show a page containing links to related searches, backlinks, and pages containing the url. This is the same as typing the url into the search box.

    spell: will spell check your query and search for it.

    stocks: will lookup the search query in a stock index.

    filetype: will restrict searches to that filetype. "-filetype:doc" to remove Microsoft word files.

    daterange: is supported in Julian date format only. 2452384 is an example of a Julian date.

    maps: If you enter a street address, a link to Yahoo Maps and to MapBlast will be presented.

    phone: enter anything that looks like a phone number to have a name and address displayed. Same is true for something that looks like an address (include a name and zip code) "+www.somesite.+net"
    (tells you how many pages of your site are indexed by google)

    allintext: searches only within text of pages, but not in the links or page title

    allinlinks: searches only within links, not text or title

    I hope there is something new in here for you and maybe this infos will be helpfull for ya.

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