tHe eAsieSt metHOd Of wRitiNG TTPod LyRiCs

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    - First get TTPod mp3 lyric
    Maker v1.4
    herefor s60v2
    For s60v3 users, get it @

    - U must have copied the
    lyrics. Open TTPod Lyric
    Maker, and press Menu.
    Then choose NOTEPAD.
    Paste the lyrics you

    - OR if u ve the text file of
    the lyric, move it to !/
    Then Open The TTPod Lyric
    Maker, press OPTI0NS and
    choose NOTEPAD. Then
    press OPTI0NS-> OPEN-
    > .txt file. and select the
    lyric text file.

    Get Lyric text files @]http://[/url]

    - After pasting ur text,
    Press OPTI0NS-> PUBLISH.
    Then fill up the desired
    info's & hit SAVE on the
    Options. Then press BACK.

    - Then u'll be back on the
    previous page. Press
    MP3 Title.
    - Locate the mp3 song file
    of the lyric, select it. A
    word "DONE" will appear.
    Select EXIT on the Right

    - U'll be back on the main
    screen. Press OPTI0NS
    button, select LYRIC
    MAKER & browse again
    the mp3 song file.

    U'll be on the LYRIC
    MAKER page. Press(5) to
    turn on the TIME FRAMER.
    Set Runtime to [0:01.0]
    (touch ur Right Navigation
    Key to perform this operation)

    - Then on that page, hit
    the Selection Key( Song
    will start to play).
    - Press(2) when the lyric
    line starts to be said. Then
    press(2) again for the next
    line and so on.(It's ur
    timing that matters here)

    - Keep on timing literally
    ( by pressing "2" for each
    line of the lyric) until u are
    done with the song.
    - When u are finished,
    press LEFT SOFT Key and
    select SAVE LYRICS. Then
    u are Done!
    U Can n0w Exit The Lyric
    Maker and Open ur TTPod
    & Enjoy ur music.

    PEACE be with u ALL....!

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    JUst like U said U would. ThNX

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    Pls, Can the above procedure work for TTPOD on java phones like Nokia 5130 xpress music?
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    you go fear procedure na. you try
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    Omo is like dis process no go easy oh at all!

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