[Tutorial]To convert s60v3 python apps to s60v2 apps.

Discussion in 'Symbian S60V3 Modding' started by Babadinho, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Presenting before you a tutorial to convert s60v3 python apps to s60v2 apps.

    ¥.First of all, I would like to tell you that the platform os 9 and os 8 are very different.
    ¥.The python modules of s60v3 are more advance than s60v2.
    ¥.So it's definite that many of them won't work.
    ¥.The apps required for the procedure must be working on your s60v2.
    ¥.It might also work on s60v1 but I haven't tested.
    1.)Sisboom 6.20 or S60unpack - For unpacking s60v3 files.
    2.)LinkAPPer - For app creation.
    3.)X-plore or any file-browser - For file transfer.
    ¥.Download the apps and make your phone ready for procedure.
    ¥.So here we go!!I am giving demo of PhotoFilter s60v3.
    1.)Extract the files of the s60v3 python app in a folder using sisboom or s60unpack.
    2.)Now open X-plore, go and create a folder "PhotoFilter" in E:\system\apps\PhotoFilter.
    3.)Now make a new text file and name it
    ¥.It does'nt matter if you write anything inside or not.Note: is starting point of app creation.Without it the app cannot be converted.

    4.)Now open LinkAPPer and click create new app. Then go to the folder you just created and select the file.
    5.)A prompt of "Start file with" will popup. Choose Normal Opening.
    6.)Then enter the name of the program "PhotoFilter".
    7.)Then it will ask for choice of disk-Choose E:
    8.)A prompt will appear stating that the file with the same name already exist. Just Cancel it.
    9.)UID of the app. You can enter the UID manually or simply dont touch.
    10.)AIF type (image to be used by the app). Select any aif type you like.
    Note:If you don't like the icon, you can create your own icon.
    11.)The app will then be created and you can see the icon in your folder.
    12.)Its time to put on the real program/script.Now open your X-plore again and go to the folder of the unpacked file and search all the python scripts. They are usually in .py and .pyc files (sometimes there are .pyd files as well) and is often found inside the private folder.
    13.)Copy or move them in the folder of the app you just created (e:\System\Apps\PhotoFilter). If there are images or text files, please do copy them as well.
    14.)Overwrite "" if asked and delete linkapper file within the folder.
    15.)All done, just test it now by clicking the app icon. Since this app is working fine, We can say that we are successful.
    16.)For packing use Sisboom and enjoy your converted app.
    17.)Now note that some scripts need to be modified such as the folder the app is using, location of the config files or images or sounds.
    18.)Use Zntxhan for decompiling the py scripts and do the necessary modifications.
    19.)Sometimes it's hard to decompile .pyd files and if you know python codings, you can use mobilehex or Zntxhan to enter new codings
    20.)Similarly after decompiling you can also translate the rsc file and can translate the app in foreign language.
    Now once again, I'm telling you that all s60v3 python app won't work on s60v2. So just don't lose hope and try hand on some other app.That's so Simple and easy. That's all

    credit goes to ankit pal for the tutorial

    sreenshot 1

    screenshot 2

    screenshot 3

    screenshot 4

    screenshot 5

    screenshot 6

    screenshot 7

    screenshot 8

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    hello babadinho! merhaba. 1st of all.. thanks for the tutorial. even if its not my interest.. im looking for the opposite..

    i was searching web if there is a way to convert a s60v1 program to s60v3 ?
    thats how i came across with your tutorial.
    so i wanna ask. is it possible to do the opposite of your tutorial ? if you already mentioned it in your tutorial somewhere i didnt pay time to read it yet, sorry. :/

    but if its possible to do something like this, and if you know, i would really apreciate if you explain me how..

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